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Maplands offers some simple commands to use.
The large majority of options however is made through the Map Menu.


Main Command

Command: /map

This command is essential to get the Map Menu used for the different actions.
Executing the command will give you a map of the current area where you executed the command.

Give to another player

Command: /map give [player]
Permission: maplands.command.give
/map give Bergerkiller

If you want to give the map to another player can you execute the give subcommand.
Not providing any player will give you the map similar to the single Map command.

Render Map manually

Command: /map render [uuid]
Permission: maplands.command.render
/map render e152900a-f3a0-46e3-98ad-d58322854126

You can manually render a map using the render subcommand. This is useful when you, for example, have the automnatic rendering of a map disabled.
The easiest way to get the command together with the UUID required is to go into the Map Menu, select Settings Settings followed by selecting the Render command option. This will print the command in chat which can be copied by simply clicking on it.