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Maplands comes packed with an interactive Map-menu which allows you to alter the rendering of the map in different ways.

The Menu can be accessed by holding a Maplands Map and Pressing the Sneak/Crouching Button (Shift).
You navigate through it like through any other Map Display from BKCommonLib by using the steering buttons (A and D) and Jumping (Spacebar) to select.


Here is a list of all current options Maplands offers.


The Rotate right Rotate right and Rotate left Rotate left options allow you to rotate the render Clock- and Counter Clockwise respectively by 90°.


The Zoom in Zoom in and Zoom out Zoom out options make it possible to increase/decrease the rendered map.
Depending on the Zoom level can the details shown on the map difer a lot. A smaller zoom often results in a better quality.

Current Zoom levels
Zoom Resolution (width)
ZOOM16 16
ZOOM32 32
ZOOM64 64


Settings Settings allow you to change specific settings of the Maplands Map.
Current settings include Markers, enabling/disabling live-updates and a button to get a render command in chat for the manual rendering of the Map.


Markers allow you to display small icons on your map that are either static or dynamic.
Selecting this option will open a menu with various settings including what marker type to display. Note that some markers come with limitations.

Static Markers

Static Markers are set by you and won't update in their position. You can make them show a specific text, their coordinates or no text.

Dynamic Markers

Dynamic Markers will update their position based on the player(s) they are assigned towards. Unlike Static Markers which can be set at specific positions can dynamic markers only get (de)activated.
The Markers can be activated for either the wielder of the map (you) and/or any player on the server.


Only a certain amount of Markers will be rendered on Item Frames holding a Maplands Map. The Marker Menu will inform you when a specific marker won't be displayed.
This is a Minecraft Limitation!

Live Updates

By default does Maplands update any Maps when blocks change their state (i.e. doors open/close, redstone turning on/off, etc).
This could cause some performance issues if your server isn't having the best CPUs or already handles a lot of processes. You can however, turn off live updatews in the Settings Settings menu. Just select the option and press space to toggle it on or off.

Render Command

When you have disabled Live updates for your Map(s) (see above) will the only way to update a map be to execute a render command.
The Settings Settings option offers a button to print the render command for the map you're currently holding into the chat. This command can be copied into your clipboard by simply clicking on it.

A Render Command may look like this: /map render e152900a-f3a0-46e3-98ad-d58322854126