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This sign is used to show train information on signs. It can also show a countdown of the time remaining for the train to arrive at a station, and comes with an internal stopwatch to measure this duration. Do not forget to power the sign, as it is inactive when not powered by redstone. To activate it all the time, use [+train].



Second line: trigger

Third line

Sets the trigger name. The name is used to show the gathered information on signs later on. For the syntax example above, the following things can be displayed on signs, which will be updated by SignLink automatically:

Variable on sign What is displayed
%trigger1% The count-down from the time set on the fourth line
%trigger1T% The same as the above
%trigger1D% The destination of the train
%trigger1N% The train name
%trigger1V% The speed of the train

Fourth line

It sets the count-down time that is used when a train activates the trigger. You can use the common ':'-notation to make hour:minute:seconds, or minute:seconds, or just seconds. If you leave it empty, it will go into 'record mode'.

Record mode

This means that the plugin is going to calculate the duration itself. As soon as one minecart activates the trigger, it keeps track of this minecart while measuring the time. As soon as the minecart stops or is destroyed, the time is stopped and put on the sign.