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The train spawner sign allows you to spawn complete trains. Trains are spawned to the text-side of the sign on the rails above. When it receives power while it was unpowered before, it will trace down the tracks and spawn a train on it if there are no other trains occupying the rails.


spawn 2

First line

[train], a spawn direction can be set by specifying trigger directions. For example: [train:left] or [train:right]. If none is set, the train is spawned based on what side is powered by redstone. For automatic spawners, [+train] (always powered) is recommended.

Second line

spawn, optionally followed up by the forward force to spawn the train at.

Third and fourth lines

The minecart types to spawn, using characters shown below. The resulting train will be spawned with the same types in the same order as set on the sign. To spawn many carts at once, this way spawning more than 30 Minecarts, define the number of times to spawn in front of the character. For example, 30s60m spawns a train with 30 storage minecarts and 60 regular minecarts.

Text Minecart type
m Regular Minecart
p Powered Minecart
s Storage Minecart
t TNT Minecart
h Hopper minecart
e Minecart with Spawner

It is also possible to spawn trains you made and saved before. Just put the name of the train on the 3rd line instead of the minecart types.

<train name>

Automated spawning

It is possible to spawn trains at a set interval:

spawn 1:20 0.5

Will spawn 3 minecarts every 1 minute and 20 seconds at a velocity of 0.5 blocks/tick. The interval time has to be set after spawn and before the launching velocity. The automatic spawner will load a 7x7 chunk area around the sign, and spawn a minecart. Try not to set the interval too low as that may cause issues when the chunks around the signs unload a lot.

Spawn Limit

To limit how many trains the spawn sign can spawn, you can set a spawn limit for a saved train. To set one, first save the train to spawn with the spawn sign (/train save name). Then, use the /savedtrain name spawnlimit <limit> command to set a limit. This is useful when automatically populating a train network with trains.

This can be combined with enabling destroyAllOnShutdown in config.yml so that on server restart everything starts with a clean slate.

Failure Colors

When the spawn sign fails to spawn, it shows dust particles at the sign to explain why.

Color Reason
Blue Not enough rails to spawn on
Purple Rails are occupied by another train
Red Spawned train has a spawn limit that is exceeded (SavedTrain spawn limit)
Orange Maximum number of carts per world reached (config.yml maxCartsPerWorld setting)
Maroon Spawned train is too long (config.yml maxCartsPerTrain setting)
Yellow Spawn sign cooldown prevents spawning (config.yml spawnSignCooldown setting)