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The crafter sign is very similar to the transfer signs, but this time it interacts with a nearby workbench. You can define the items to craft on the sign, and the plugin will automatically find out the right recipe to craft that item using items inside the storage minecart. It can craft multiple items at a time.



First line

Sets whether to craft inside the entire train, or only in the minecart that is currently above this sign.

Second line

craft or crafter. You can put an optional number after this keyword to define the radius at which the sign looks for nearby workbenches.

Third and fourth line

The items to craft. If an amount is set, it will not craft any more of that item than that amount. Items are crafted from left to right, so in the syntax example it will first convert all logs into wood, then all wood into sticks and then all sticks and coal into torches. Note that, in some cases, an extra empty slot is needed to craft items. For example, if the entire inventory is filled with logs, it has no room to place new wood, so then no wood is crafted at all.

TrainCarts item format