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TC-Coasters has a few commands and permissions, here's a list of all of them.


• [ train.coasters.use ] Grants players the ability to use TC-Coasters anywhere. Main permission.

• [ train.coasters.plotsquared.use ] PlotSquared integration: players with this permission can make changes to coasters inside plots they are member of (requires plotSquaredEnabled set to true in the TCCoasters config.yml)

• [ train.coasters.lock ] Players can lock/unlock coasters, preventing or allowing players to make changes to them

• [ ] Players can build the tcc-animate sign

• [ train.coasters.import ] Players can import (download) coaster CSV contents from Hastebin servers

• [ train.coasters.export ] Players can export (upload) coaster CSV contents to Hastebin servers (default:

Normal Commands

• /tcc give - Gives an interactive Map editor for creating, adjusting and removing coaster tracks

• /tcc undo/redo - Undo or redo last changes you made

• /tcc deselect - Deselect all previously selected nodes

• /tcc reload - Reload all coasters from disk

• /tcc save - Forces a save to write all pending contents to disk

• /tcc copy - Copies the selected nodes to the player's clipboard

• /tcc paste - Pastes the contents of the clipboard at the player's position, aligned by block, rotated based on how the player looks

• /tcc cut - Copies and deletes the selected nodes

• /tcc delete - Deletes all selected nodes

• /tcc lock - Locks the selected coasters so that no more changes can be made to it, unless unlocked. Requires permission.

• /tcc unlock - Unlocks the selected coasters so that they can be modified again by players. Requires permission.

• /tcc export - Exports all selected nodes as a coaster CSV file, and uploads it to a Hastebin server ( by default)

• /tcc export nl2 - Exports in NoLimits2 CSV format instead

• /tcc import - Imports the coaster by downloading from a Hastebin server. Supports TCC CSV format and NoLimits2 CSV format)

• /tcc export (nl2) [filename] - Exports the coaster to file, saved to the plugins/TCCoasters/export directory.

• /tcc import [filename] - Imports the coaster from file. Place the .csv file to import in the plugins/TCCoasters/import directory. It is possible to import from the export directory as well.

Advanced Commands

• /tcc posx [value] - Sets the x-coordinate of all selected nodes

• /tcc posy [value] - Sets the y-coordinate of all selected nodes

• /tcc posz [value] - Sets the z-coordinate of all selected nodes

• /tcc posx add [value] - Adds a value to the x-coordinate of all selected nodes (moves it). Works for posy/posz too.

• /tcc posx align [value] - Sets the x-coordinate of all selected nodes relative to the current position block

• /tcc posx average - Sets the x-coordinate of all selected nodes to the average value of all selected nodes. Works for posy/posz too.

• /tcc orientation [x] [y] [z] - Sets the orientation (up-direction) of all selected nodes

• /tcc orientation (up/down/north/etc.) - Sets the orientation (up-direction) of all selected nodes to a given face

• /tcc rail [x] [y] [z] - Sets the rail block of all selected nodes to the coordinates specified

• /tcc rail (up/down/north/etc.) - Moves the rail block by one block

• /tcc railx (add/average) ([value]) - Similar to posx/y/z, but for the rail block position of all selected nodes

• /tcc rail reset - Resets the rail block to the default position (where the node is located)

• /tcc animation select [name] - Selects an animation, so that all future changes to nodes that have this animation will be saved under this name

• /tcc animation play [name] [time] - Plays an animation by name for all selected nodes, with a time duration in seconds

• /tcc animation add [name] - Creates a new animation with the given name for all selected nodes, overwriting previous ones

• /tcc animation remove [name] - Removes an animation from all selected nodes

• /tcc animation clear - Removes all animations in all selected nodes