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Vanilla Minecarts and TrainCarts

TrainCarts keeps track of what Minecarts on the server are "TrainCarts Minecarts". This means it is possible for Vanilla Minecarts and TrainCarts Minecarts to co-exist together. Vanilla Minecarts are not touched by TrainCarts at all, signs won't respond to them and TrainCarts Minecarts won't link with them. If you need completely Vanilla Minecart physics for redstone contraptions or mob farms, read on.

Spawning Vanilla Minecarts

For Vanilla Minecarts to work, it is important allMinecartsAreTrainCarts is set to false in plugins/Train_Carts/config.yml. This is the default. If you want all Minecarts to be managed by TrainCarts it can be set to true, but then Vanilla Minecarts cannot be spawned at all.

Vanilla Spawn Mechanics

You can spawn Vanilla Minecarts by:

  • Powering a dispenser with a Minecart item inside
  • Finding them in naturally generated mineshafts
  • Using the /summon minecraft:minecart command

Player Placement

If you want all Minecarts placed by players to be Vanilla Minecarts, you can revoke the following permission (true by default):

Or edit plugins/Train_Carts/PermissionDefaults.yml and set train:place:traincart:default: to false or op.

Players without the can still place TrainCarts Minecarts/trains using the Train Storage Chest item:

/train chest m