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Train spawn chest is used to pick up a train and spawn it again

The Train spawn chest is a special item that can hold train information. While holding the item players can right-click on trains to suck up the train into the item. Then, by right-clicking on rails, players can spawn the train again. All train properties are preserved.


To get the item, you need to use the following command:

Give the player a new empty train chest item
Command: /train chest
Permission: train.command.chest

You can also specify a train to put in the item, which follows the same syntax as the spawn sign.

Give the player a new empty train chest item with a pre-configured train inside
Command: /train chest mytrain
Permission: train.command.chest


You can also update an existing train chest item, without getting a new item every time. The player has to hold the chest item, then use one of the following commands:

Put a new train inside the item, spawn sign syntax
Command: /train chest set mytrain
Permission: train.command.chest

Makes the item empty
Command: /train chest clear
Permission: train.command.chest

Locks the item, preventing it from picking up trains when clicked
Command: /train chest lock
Permission: train.command.chest

Unlocks the item so it can pick up trains again
Command: /train chest unlock
Permission: train.command.chest

Gives the item a human-readable name to identify it
Command: /train chest name My Train
Permission: train.command.chest