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Like Multiverse, MyWorlds provides placeholders using PlaceholderAPI to use in messages sent to players. This way you can automatically display information about the world a player is on in the chat, or on signs using SignLink.


Caption text
Placeholder Example Value Description
%myworlds_world_name% world_nether Exact world name
%myworlds_world_alias% The Nether Alias of the world name, set using /world alias
%myworlds_world_environment% The End World environment name. Can be configured in Localization.yml
%myworlds_world_type% Flat Overworld Same as world_environment, but has extra names for flat worlds
%myworlds_world_time% 16:00 (4:00 PM) Current time of the world
%myworlds_world_difficulty% hard Difficulty set for the world
%myworlds_world_gamemode% survival Game mode configured for the world
%myworlds_world_weather% raining Current weather state. Can be configured in Localization.yml
%myworlds_world_weather_duration% 2 hours, 7 minutes Time until weather will change. Can be configured in Localization.yml
%myworlds_world_weather_forecast% clear Future weather state after the duration. Can be configured in Localization.yml

Specify World

Instead of using the world the player is in, the world to display the information of can be specified between [ and ] characters after the placeholder name. For example: