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How to import Multiverse's configuration into MyWorlds

A common question, so as of 1.65 there is automatic importing logic in MyWorlds. Whenever you load new worlds while Multiverse is running, and Multiverse has a configuration available, MyWorlds will use that configuration by default. You can disable this behaviour in the config.yml.

To manually import these worlds (after they were already imported before by MyWorlds by loading them), follow these steps:

Step 1: Install both MyWorlds 1.65+ and Multiverse

That is all you need to do, no configuration changes are needed.

Step 2: Start the server

And check up on the server log to see that all is well.

Step 3: Reset the configuration for worlds you wish to take over

Use the following command to reset specific world configurations:

/world config reset [worldname1] [worldname2] [etc.] If you want to take over ALL worlds, use:

/world config reset Please note that any settings you had set for worlds yourself will get lost, with the exception of a minor few.

Step 4: Restart the server

Between stopping and starting the server again, you could remove Multiverse or only remove the world configuration of Multiverse if you wish to keep using it. This way there won't be any conflicts between Multiverse and MyWorlds when trying to load worlds.