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World Management - Simplified
Spigot: MyWorlds
GitHub: MyWorlds

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This plugin features everything related to worlds. Features:

  • Load, unload, copy, delete, save and create worlds (Read more...)
  • Show information of worlds and list available chunk generators and worlds
  • Set world game mode, difficulty, time, weather, autosaving, PvP
  • Set world mob spawn restrictions
  • Evacuate worlds to clear them from players
  • Repair broken worlds to some extend
  • Make portals cross-world, one-way, simple, no commands needed
  • World-specific chat rooms using permissions
  • Automatically load worlds when the server starts and persistent settings
  • Extensive permission system, you can even set who can enter what world
  • Can act as a tool for other plugins to teleport players from one world to the other
  • Simple teleportation commands
  • Set OP lists for specific worlds to make players operator on certain worlds
  • Easy-to-remember commands: with aliases and chat-message help
  • World inventory separation, merging and disabling (clear)
  • Main world where players spawn can be configured
  • Can set to re-spawn all players on the main world at all times
  • Remember the last known position of a player on a world, and teleport him to it (Read more...)
  • Auto-import the configuration from Multiverse (Read more...)

Separate inventories?

Yes, MyWorlds now supports per-world inventories. This feature is by default disabled, to enable it, set useWorldInventories to true in the config.yml. By default no worlds share inventories and player inventories are saved and loaded per world. To share inventories, use /world inventory merge followed up by the world names to merge. Split (or detach) gives all worlds specified a separate non-shared inventory. You can use /world inventory enable or disable to disable inventories for worlds. Enabled inventories will save data, disabled won't and result in all items being cleared.

Advice for having plugin-generated or flat worlds

The main world loads (and generates) before My Worlds enables. The Bukkit plugin architecture makes it impossible to load My Worlds before worlds load, since that causes some other incompatibilities. Anyway, if you want to have a 'main' world that is not a nether/the_end/overworld Vanilla world, you will have to do the following:

Set up the main world to be anything you like (even if you don't use it on your need one)

  • Create a new world for the world type you want (flatworld, custom chunk generator, etc.)
  • Stop the server and open up the config.yml of MyWorlds
  • Change 'mainWorld' to your newly created custom world
  • Start the server again and notice how new players join your custom world
  • Optionally: disable the 'keep spawn in memory' for the 'server' main worlds (you are not using)

Just to avoid any confusions: it is impossible to let My Worlds alter or replace the main worlds generated by the server. If there is any fix to this or you know 'some way' to do it, let us know. We do consider halting the server enabling process asking for you to create the main worlds, after which enabling continues as usual. But for this, we need to disable the default main worlds from loading up.