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World Configuration

Below the world configuration nodes of MyWorlds found in:

root\plugins\My Worlds\worlds.yml

For the general configuration, see the Configuration page

World configuration

Every world has their own properties. Below the setting nodes with a description is given:

Setting node Description Value type
loaded If the world is loaded (on startup) Boolean
keepSpawnLoaded If the world spawn is kept in memory Boolean
environment The world environment. (NORMAL/NETHER) Environment
chunkGenerator The name of the chunk generator plugin to use Plugin name
gamemode The game mode applied to the players that join the world Game mode
lockedtime The time the world is locked to. (tick time) Number
defaultPortal The default destination portal for the world Portal or World name
operators The operator player names Player array
deniedCreatures The creatures who are denied to spawn on the world Creature type array
holdWeather If the weather states on this world are locked/frozen Boolean
diffuculty The set difficulty of the world Difficulty
spawn The spawn point of the world Coordinate (xyz) with degree angles
world The spawn point of the world: world name World name

The above settings can also be altered through commands.