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In DefaultTrainProperties.yml and TrainProperties.yml, you can set important properties for trains or carts, like what happens when they collide. DefaultTrainProperties.yml is the config for every new train, whilst TrainProperties.yml are for trains which already exist.

DefaultTrainProperties.yml has three types of properties: default, admin and spawner. These property lists can set in the following ways:
By permissions:
Give people with a permission that create the trains certain properties (**** ->,
By sign:
right By command:
Select the train (by punching it) and typing "/train setdefault default|admin|spawner"

If using the below table as a reference for values, all cart properties will be a part of the default train properties as well.

You can also set an individual property of a train or cart using /train <propertyname> <value>. A list of these property names are described below.


Train Properties
Property Type Description
soundEnabled boolean Sets whether ambient minecart sounds are enabled
displayName string Sets the display name of the train
allowPlayerTake boolean Sets whether the train supports players taking minecarts with them when they leave
requirePoweredMinecart boolean Sets whether the train needs a powered minecart to function
trainCollision boolean Sets whether the train can collide with other entities
collisionDamage double Sets the amount of damage the train does when colliding with entites
keepChunksLoaded boolean Sets whether this train keeps nearby chunks loaded
speedLimit double Sets the maximum speed of the train in blocks per tick
double values Distance sets the distance the train will wait to maintain a distance between itself and a train ahead

Delay sets the time the train waits when stopped completely Acceleration/deceleration sets the maximum change of speed at which it maintains distance (speeds up/slows down)

suffocation boolean Sets whether passengers inside this train can sustain suffocation damage
killMessage string Sets the message displayed when a player or named entity<ref>Use %0% to display the player or entity's name when entering the string. For example, "%0% was crushed by a rolling minecart"</ref> dies to a minecart collision.


double Sets how much a cart will bank sideways with strength when cornering and how long it will take to return to normal with smoothness
slowDown boolean Sets whether a minecart will experience friction and gravity
allowManualMovement boolean Sets whether minecart passengers can manually move the train they are in with W and S
tickets string[] Used internally
string Sets a collision mode for the given collidable

Allowed modes are default, push, cancel, kill, killnodrops, enter, link, damage, damagenodrops, skip

allowPlayerEnter boolean Sets whether players can enter the train
allowPlayerExit boolean Sets whether players can exit the train
invincible boolean Sets whether the train is invincible
isPublic boolean Sets whether non-owners of the train can enter
pickUp boolean Sets whether storage minecarts in the train can pick up items
   ==: vector
double Sets the offset relative to the train in which players will teleport to when they exit the train
exitYaw double Sets the yaw of the player's view when they exit the train
exitPitch double Sets the pitch of the player's view when they exit the train
destination string Sets the destination of the train
enterMessage string Sets a message to display when entering the train
spawnItemDrops boolean Sets whether broken blocks should drop items
Cart Properties
Property Type Description
owners string[] Sets a list of owners' names of the
ownerPermissions string[] Used internally
tags string[] Sets a list of tags the train has
driveSound strring Sets the sound that plays when the cart rolls
blockBreakTypes string[] Sets an array of block types the cart will break which are one block directly to the left and right of the rails when it passes them

Example usage: