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Destination signs map destinations under a name, which are used in the path finding logic. When a train tries to reach a certain destination and it has this name set, the plugin knows what tracks to switch. Other than a marker, it can also set a new destination on the train when clicked, powered by redstone or when a train enters the sign.



Second line: destination

Third line: Case-sensitive destination name

Fourth line: Case-sensitive destination name to set on the train

In the example above, the destination is centralstation, and any train with a destination of centralstation will find a path to the sign. Any train that passes over the sign will also have its destination set as subway_1.

You can leave the third line blank to only let the sign set a new destination on the train. You can leave the fourth line blank to only use this sign for path finding. The destination is set on the train only if:

  • The train has no destination set
  • The destination sign is itself no destination
  • The destination sign is activated using Redstone power
  • The destination sign name is the same as the destination set on the train

Remote Control

Remote Control You can remotely set destinations on trains. Say your train is called train01, then you use the following on the sign:

[train train01]