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A train is idling above a station sign

Stations are used to stop and launch trains, optionally using a set delay in seconds. It can use redstone to set the direction to launch to, but when both sides are powered it can perform an automated action.



First line

When [train] is used, the train is centered above the sign. This means that the middle cart of the train will stop above the sign. When [cart] is used, the train will stop immediately, the first cart centered above the sign.

Second line

Station followed up by an optional number. This number sets the distance to launch the trains at. The higher this number, the slower it will launch. Use only station to make the plugin calculate this distance automatically. Then it launches the train towards the first curved track piece up to 100 blocks away.

Third line

An optional delay in seconds. This delay is used when launching. For example, when the right side is powered and a delay of 3 seconds is set, and a train enters, the train will wait for 3 seconds and then launch into the powered direction.

Fourth line

Sets the mode used when both sides are powered. The station sign will launch trains into the direction that is powered. If the sign receives no power whatsoever, it is not active and trains will travel right through. The inverted redstone option ([!train]) is still active here, so if power is inverted and the sign receives no power, it is as if all sides a powered.

The station will hold the train forever if both sides are powered, unless one of the below four types is set on the fourth line:

Sign Result
Sign 1.png
Image:TrainCarts station left.gif
Sign 2.png
Image:TrainCarts station right.gif
Sign 3.png
Image:TrainCarts station continue.gif
Sign 4.png
Image:TrainCarts station reverse.gif

Launch Speed

A number can also be put on the fourth line to set the launch speed of the station sign.


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