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Rollercoaster track for TrainCarts
Spigot: TC-Coasters
GitHub: TC-Coasters

In No Limits 2 you can make coasters and flatrides. In No Limits 2 you got a option to export the track to TC-Coasters! You can also export a track from TC-Coasters to No Limits 2! This way, tracks become much smoother than if you do it by hand.

Export From No Limits 2 to TC-Coasters

Step 1 : It all starts with No Limits 2. That's where you make your coaster. you only have to create the track and not the enviorment. Create a folder somewhere on your computer with the name you want.

Step 2 : When your track is completely ready, click on the Advanced button. Then four buttons will appear, but you have to click on Light Pattern Creator. A new canvas will now appear. There are a number of things you should turn on. Enable Generate SCO, T, B, L and R. You can also change the file prefix, but you don't have to. If you have changed that, you can click on Generate. Choose the folder you created at the beginning. Now you can close No Limits 2.

Step 3 : Go to that folder and create an exel file. Change the name if you want. Something very important to change is the file type. Change .xlsx to .csv! Now you need to download this file: Download. Now open it and click the first choose button (which is for the .lwo file). Now go to the folder where you generated your track. It should contain a .lwo file. Click on it. Now click on the second choose button. Go to the same folder again and choose the .csv file. Then click on it. Now that you have clicked on the right files there is one more thing you can do. It says Skip vertices. It is automatically set to 0. The higher the number, the fewer nodes you will have in your track. I recommend setting it to 1. When you have done that click on convert.

Step 4 : Now go to your server folder and go to plugins> TC-Coaster> Import. There you put your .csv file. Now go to your server and type the following /tcc import <filename>.csv! Now your No Limits 2 track is in your minecraft world.